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The Hope and Anchor, South Ferriby, North Lincolnshire

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Traditional & Unique Approach to Food and Drink

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Welcome to the Pub of the year 2023!

A casual and informal space but with no compromise on the quality of food.
A place where everybody feels comfortable.
The food style is strong and bold, with an emphasis on simplicity, and service being professional but approachable.

At The Hope & Anchor, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.
Step into our sustainable and eco-conscious pub, where we take pride in our sustainable practices and celebrate the "Whole AnimalProject."
Not only do we shine bright with energy-efficient systems in place, but we also prioritise sustainable foods to create a one-of-a-kind dining experience.
With our "Whole Animal Project," whether it be our “Whole Cow”, “Whole Pig “, “Whole Winteringham Lamb” or “Whole Venison”, we embrace a zero-waste approach, ensuring that every part of the animal is utilised.
We make the most of every ingredient, ensuring each dish is bursting with flavour while leaving a positive impact on the environment.
With the aid of our dry ageing cabinet and indoor Josper charcoal grill barbecue, we enhance the natural flavours of our ingredients, delivering a truly responsible gastronomy experience that's both delicious and environmentally conscious.
But it’s not all about the meat, we also take pride in crafting our own pickles, chutneys, and brioche buns and much more right here in-house, in fact there isn't much we don't prepare ourselves!.
By preparing these delicious additions ourselves, we reduce packaging waste and support local suppliers, contributing to a more sustainable menu.
Our passionate chefs skilfully do their own butchery, and craft delectable dishes from nose to tail, leaving no delicious morsel to waste.
At the Hope and Anchor pub, sustainability goes beyond sourcing locally; The team also takes pride in foraging for the finest ingredients straight from nature.
In Broughton Woods, we gather sorrel and wild garlic, while Robin Hood's Bay provides us with nutrient-rich kelp, sea lettuce, samphire and sea purslane.
Embracing the bounty of the land, we also harvest elderberries, wild cherries, and walnut from the village of Winteringham.
Indulge in our menu featuring farm-to-table delights sourced from local farmers and suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability.
As you savour each bite, you'll experience the true essence of our dedication to the environment and responsible gastronomy.
Join us in our journey towards a greener future while relishing the finest flavours, conscious dining has never been more delightful!
Cheers to a sustainable feast at The Hope & Anchor pub!

In the picture from left to right: Demetri Nikolaidis (Head Chef) and Ellis Croxall (Head Chef)
And if you wonder why two Head Chefs? Just because two are better that one! #Teamwork

Slawomir Mikolajczyk

Chef Patron

Slawek's culinary journey ignited in Szczecin, Poland, during his time at a local catering college. Completing his diploma, a year of Polish national service taught him discipline, preparation, and self-motivation.
Embarking on a new adventure in England to visit relatives and thrive in the restaurant industry, Slawek worked in a care home and local pub upon arriving in Lincoln. At 22, he embraced the head chef role in a gastro-pub, later stepping back to refine his culinary skills.
In 2008, Slawek joined Winteringham Fields as a commis chef, swiftly advancing to head chef.
Learning from culinary giants like Tom Kerridge, Gordon Ramsey, and others, he mastered gastronomy.
In 2015, destiny led Slawek to run The Hope and Anchor Pub, fulfilling his dream to infuse culinary passion with sustainability
At The Hope and Anchor Pub, eco-consciousness shines. Crafting pickles, chutney, and brioche buns in-house reduces waste. A zero-waste approach, supported by an ageing cabinet and indoor Josper, enhances natural flavours while lessening the environmental impact.
Slawek's curated menu honours sustainability and local ingredients, showcasing his unwavering commitment to responsible gastronomy.
Slawek's tale is one of passion and perseverance, from humble beginnings to Winteringham Fields and now as The Hope and Anchor Pub's visionary.
His culinary creations tantalise taste buds while nurturing a greener future.
Guests at The Hope and Anchor Pub become part of Slawek's story, savouring flavours that make a meaningful impact on the environment.

Slawomir Mikolajczyk
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